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High buns are fly


    High buns are fly

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    So does anyone else think this scene was to have fan favorite Huck physically assault Olivia to nullify Joke’s physical assault last season? 

    Yes and this is equally disgusting. The amount of character assassination required to prop jake is ridiculous.

    There are no connections between the two. Arguably, Fitz sexually assaulted Olivia way before Jake came along (in a flashback), so I don’t think that theory really holds up. You are looking for reasons.

    This was a sad scene because I LOVE Olivia and Huck but it was not out of character for Huck. He has shown time and time again that when it comes to his past, he is extremely emotional and mentally unstable. Olivia was the one person he trusted and could “wheel him in”. She lied to him about the deal she said he never got and her father is over the organization that took his life from him. Would that not make you mad?

    I don’t know how you expected Huck to react.

    In that moment, I don’t think Huck saw Olivia—he saw Rowan and everything they’ve done to him. Olivia was their protector (her fathers) at the moment. He obviously pulled himself back because I think he shocked himself.

    Huck is severely damaged and he’s just found out that the ONE person whom he implicitly trusts has 1) lied to him, 2) is the reason he went back into the hole after he escaped, and 3) knew that her father was the reason he lost everything.  Huck is a trained killer.  Everyone knows it.   He’s not some cuddly teddy bear.  I think people keep forgetting that.  Even if Jake didn’t exist, there would still be this moment because Huck would once and for all know the truth of what Olivia knew, the deal she made for Huck’s life, and her connection to Command.  She betrayed him, and for a person that deals strictly in black-and-white, that’s a deal breaker. 

    Jake is a non-factor in all of this. 

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    Oh yes, the MISSING SUBTITLES. 

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  4. We were searching for ourselves in each other.
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    Barry Underwood

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that one white boy I can’t help but feel thirsty for


    that one white boy I can’t help but feel thirsty for

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    Lucy Liu photographed at The Carlyle Hotel for CBS Watch! Magazine

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  10. I will only let you touch me,
    if your hands are so full of intention,
    that every brush of your palms feels
    like you writing a novel on my skin.

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